Clever Girls Technology

Clever Girls relies on extremely advanced tools to manage, track, and produce best-in-class social content campaigns… campaigns that are native to our members’ social media channels of influence.

Our Clever Platform: Fanny

Our specialized platform, Fanny, is both a network AND campaign management system. Completely integrated and proprietary, Fanny allows our members to manage their member profiles, their campaign participation, and their social status all in one place.

Fanny also gives the Clever Girls team the power and flexibility to simultaneously work with hundreds of influencers who are each producing original content: on blogs, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook.

As we continue to grow, Clever Girls’ technology will change the way brands think about native content solutions.

Clever Data

Tracking over 6,921 members’ data, Clever Girls has unique insights into social media trends. On a grand scale, we identify topic trends and use our data to target relevant audiences. On a granular level, we follow individual campaign performance and offer clients detailed metrics and reports.

Our platform also allows us to capture detailed information from our members, from basic demographic breakdowns to real-time traffic data, and even dynamically populated follower counts on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest & Instagram.

We can easily identify members based on just about anything…from age and location to shampoo preference or video gaming system.


We’ve built a beautiful tool to track, measure, and showcase Instagram campaigns. We follow Clever Girls members who are using custom client photo-prompts and hashtags, then track them in one easy-to-view place. The results are a stunning, Pinterest-like dashboard with a custom URL.




We are experts at building clean, elegant microsites to boost campaign performance and execution…especially when our clients don’t have the time, technology, or resources to do it alone!

Micro.Clever sites are especially useful when serving as landing pages for campaigns with:

  • Coupon downloads
  • Product giveaways
  • Contest instructions and official rules & regulations
  • Collecting user information (entry forms, program opt-ins, newsletter sign-ups, etc.)