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I’m NOT Trying to Have It All

Our Founder, COO, and Chief Creative Kristy Sammis gives her thoughts on being labeled as a “working mom.”

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What Your Brand Can Learn from #AlexFromTarget

Meet Alex. He’s a 16-year-old Target employee, and this past week his image went viral on the internet. Read more

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No, Your Catcalls Aren’t Compliments

There’s a video that’s been making the rounds on the internet this week. In it, a woman silently walks through the streets of NYC dressed in a crew-neck t-shirt and jeans. Through the use of a hidden GoPro (video editing controversy aside), she was able to document the 100+ instances of sexual harassment she encountered throughout the day. Read more

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When It Comes to Sports, Women Don’t Want to Be Treated Like Girls, They Want to Be Treated Like Fans

Most women aren’t afraid to admit they’re lovers of typical girly embellishments. Pink, sequins, and sparkles are hard to resist, especially because women have been told from the time they are little that those are things girls should like. But when it comes to sports, women don’t want to be treated like girls, they want to be treated like fans. Read more

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Game On: It’s Time For Women Gamers To Wield Their Power

Let’s talk about who REALLY plays video games and why we all need to stand up to harassment against women online. Read more

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The “Magic Middle” or the Power of the Mid-Tier Influencer

When it comes to online influencer campaigns, people are often swayed by the big numbers. We want BIG impressions from BIG influencers with BIG followings. It seems like common sense to go after the “A-list” influencers. The bigger the influencer, the bigger the impressions and the more effective your campaign, right? Read more

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How the Blogger Got Treated Like A Professional

And built a career, and worked from home, and got paid… Read more

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The Clever 5: The Secret to Mobile Marketing

Here are our top five social media stories for this week! Read more

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Why the NFL Needs a Female Commissioner

The NFL is in need of some MAJOR changes.

Commissioner Roger Goodell’s inept handling of Ray Rice’s suspension has highlighted a very troubling fact: the NFL just doesn’t seem to care about their female fans. Read more

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The Clever 5: The Top Branded Instagram Videos This Week

Here are our top five social media stories for this week! Read more

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