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Our Top 5 Favorite Things About #Batkid

Happy Batman Day, Clevers! In honor of today, we’re posting about our favorite superhero: #Batkid! Read more

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The Clever 5: You TOTALLY SHOULD Live Tweet Your Events

Here are our top five social media stories from this week! Read more

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How To Make Your Campaign Go Viral

Everyone wants a viral campaign. Just ask our clients. With countless online impressions for minimal cost, a viral campaign is marketing gold for brands.

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The Clever 5: Where Your Brand Needs To Be On Social Media

Plus: The planning process of a single corporate Tweet, Taco Bell’s social media scavenger hunt, why Twitter’s TV audience is more important than you think, and a Clever Podcast with Kristy Sammis. Read more

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Clever Podcast: We’ve Got The Girl Thing All Wrong

Think women are impossible to work with? (Or just the “pushy” ones?) In this week’s Clever Podcast, Kristy discusses why the entire conversation around women in the workplace is so wrong.

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The Clever 5: Instagram Helps Brands Increase Ad Recall

Plus: Mountain Dew’s clever Twitter campaign, our founders on social media and global participation at TEDxNapaValley, Kristy Sammis’s podcast on company culture, and a Shorty Awards interview with Stefania Pomponi. Read more

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An Interview with Stefania Pomponi at the Shorty Awards

Clever Girls Collective won three Shorty Awards, including Best Small Agency. Read more

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Don’t F*ck Up The Culture? Don’t Worry

We take our culture, talent, and Clever Girl-ness seriously. Like, no PTO-policy seriously. Click through to hear how. Read more

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The Clever 5: To Hashtag or Not to Hashtag?

Plus: Native advertising explained, a guide to Twitter chats, Instagram’s massive network, and our “comic book” style #Batkid video. Read more

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Meet Our Clever Staff: Jocelyn Hudak

Meet Jocelyn! She is Clever Girls Collective’s Marketing Writer.  Read more
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