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Clever Podcast: The #AmericanBlogger Trailer Disaster

Last week the blogosphere erupted over the recently released trailer for a new film called American Blogger. We take on the terrible mansplaining-ness — and more! — in this podcast; the second in a new series. Read more

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The Clever 5: To Hashtag or Not to Hashtag?

Plus: Native advertising explained, a guide to Twitter chats, Instagram’s massive network, and our “comic book” style #Batkid video. Read more

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Meet Our Clever Staff: Jocelyn Hudak

Meet Jocelyn! She is Clever Girls Collective’s Marketing Writer.  Read more
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The Clever 5: Why Women Rule Social Media

Plus: Lessons in social media from an insurance company, how your brand can connect with teens,  employees are your best social media marketing tool, and #Batkid is up for a Shorty Award.

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The Clever 5: Say Goodbye to Banner Ads on Mobile

Plus: Twitter changes up its search results, why SM is creating a business revolution, highlights from the Olympics online, and how to engage with customers using Twitter.

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Meet Our Clever Staff: Sarah Matthews

Meet Sarah! She is one of Clever Girls Collective’s Senior Project Managers.  Read more
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The Clever 5: Social Media in Sochi 2014

Plus: Social media as currency, stock photos get an update, AirBnB uses the #sochiproblems trend, and tools for any social media manager.

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The Clever 5: Social Media and the Grammys

Plus: Instagram is BIG, marketing with SnapChat, how to engage customers, and Pinterest’s new “interests” section. Read more

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Meet Our Clever Staff: Kristen Conley

Meet Kristen! She is Clever Girls Collective’s Production Designer.  Read more
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The Clever 5: Social Media’s Influence on Food

Plus: More digital marketing trends for 2014, positive spins on negative reviews, social media advice from a Twitter “troll”, and why your marketing campaign needs Pinterest. Read more

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