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DiGiorno Messed Up, But Here’s What They Did Right

By now, you’ve probably heard about the DiGiorno Twitter debacle. But for those of you who whose lives aren’t completely consumed by social media like ours, here’s the sitch: DiGiorno done messed up. They hopped on a trending hashtag (#WhyIStayed), as many brands do nowadays, without researching what the hashtag was all about or why it was trending.

Unfortunately for them, their hashtag of choice was centered around the recent suspension of NFL player Ray Rice after beating his then-fiancée, now-wife Janay. The purpose of the #WhyIStayed hashtag and the related #WhyILeft hashtags were to call attention to the issue of domestic violence and the complexities associated with abuse.The tweet was unintentionally disrespectful to the thousands of women who were sharing their personal stories of why they stayed in violent relationships.

Surely DiGiorno would have done better if they knew better (like not tweeted at all), but what to do when your latest tweet accidentally makes light of domestic abuse? Well, there are a couple of options.

Option A: Go the traditional crisis comms route. Delete the tweet and go silent on the social media front. After a day or two, come forward with an overly edited formal statement that offers an apology that feels cold and insincere. In the meantime, endure the wrath of the internet and all of its angry tweets, posts, and pics and hope it all blows over quickly.

Option B: Offer up a quick and sincere apology via social media, which is exactly what DiGiorno did. What’s more, they tweeted out sincere and individualized responses to those who called them out on their mistake.

What else can brands do to avoid this kind of mistake in the future? We think it’s important to have a seasoned social team representing your company. The person or people responsible for a brand’s tweets, Instagrams, Facebook updates etc., should not only be savvy branded content creators but also have their fingers on the pulse of current events. Everyone makes mistakes, brands included, but there is no excuse for a social team using a hashtag in a brand tweet that hasn’t been thoroughly vetted. It’s their job to know what the hot social topics, trends, and issues are on a daily basis.

Moral of the story? Think before you tweet! But if you do slip up, don’t overthink your response. Is there really any overthinking to done if you messed up and need to take responsibility with an apology? No, there isn’t. So don’t make it seem like a team of attorneys crafted your response. People appreciate the genuine, the personal, and the authentic. A swift, individualized response on social media is much more heartfelt than an overly-canned press release days later.

So props to DiGiorno for doing the right thing and owning up to their mistake.

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Stay Classy, Internet

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Quality Control: Why Your Automated Solution Won’t Work

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Bloggers Made Me Do It: Why Celebs Are No Longer Fashion’s Major Influencers

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NEWSFLASH: Girls Like Beer

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